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Improving the Federal Response to Western Drought
Date: February 3, 2016
Time: 12:45 to 2:00 p.m. EST
Location: Resources for the Future
1616 P St. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC

Improving the Federal Response to Western Drought: Five Areas for Reform


Ellen Hanak
Jeffrey Mount

California and much of the American West have experienced moderate to extreme levels of drought in recent years. The resulting water scarcity has affected urban and agricultural users throughout the region and has stressed ecosystems and the fish and wildlife that depend on them. While drought management can involve all levels of government, the federal government in particular has a unique set of policy tools that can help communities prepare for and minimize the impact of droughts.

At this Resources for the Future (RFF) First Wednesday Seminar, experts will discuss the role of the federal government in western water and drought management, with a focus on how it can strengthen its partnership with states to better manage drought today and in a warmer, possibly drier, future. The event features a presentation by Ellen Hanak, director of the PPIC Water Policy Center, who will discuss the center's new report, Improving the Federal Response to Western Drought: Five Areas for Reform.

This research was supported with funding from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Ellen Hanak, Director, PPIC Water Policy Center

Tom Iseman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, US Department of the Interior

Mark Kramer, Director of Federal External Affairs, The Nature Conservancy

Yusuke Kuwayama, Fellow, Resources for the Future

Ann Mills, Deputy Under Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, US Department of Agriculture

Jeffrey Mount, Senior Fellow, PPIC Water Policy Center

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