Once a national model for education in kindergarten through university, California has fallen behind on many measures, including student achievement and spending per pupil. Its education system faces daunting fiscal and demographic challenges, as well as clear inequities in distribution of educational resources. To understand the causes of these problems and weigh possible solutions, PPIC researchers are studying the various influences on student achievement, how the state's changing demography affects education, how education affects future earnings, the effects of education reforms, and education finance issues.
  California's Health Workforce Needs: Training Allied Workers, Summary
Shannon McConville, Sarah Bohn, and Laurel Beck
September 2014   Research Brief
  California's Health Workforce Needs: Training Allied Workers
Shannon McConville, Sarah Bohn, and Laurel Beck
September 2014   Report
  California’s Need for Skilled Workers
Sarah Bohn
September 2014   Report
  California's State Budget: The Enacted 2014-15 Budget
Paul Warren
July 2014   Just the Facts
  Health Care for California's Jail Population
Mia Bird and Shannon McConville
June 2014   Report
  The Affordable Care Act in California
Laurel Beck and Shannon McConville
May 2014   Just the Facts
  PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government
Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Sonja Petek, and Jui Shrestha
March 2014   Statewide Survey
  The Earned Income Tax Credit in California
Caroline Danielson
March 2014   Just the Facts
  The Food Stamp Program in California
Caroline Danielson
February 2014   Just the Facts
  California's Future
Sarah Bohn, Marisol Cuellar Mejia, Caroline Danielson, Ryken Grattet, Ellen Hanak, Joseph Hayes, Laura Hill, Hans Johnson, Shannon McConville, Eric McGhee, Paul Warren, and Margaret Weston
January 2014   Report
  California's Future: Health Care
Shannon McConville
January 2014   Report
  California's Future: Social Safety Net
Caroline Danielson
January 2014   Report
  PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government
Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Sonja Petek, and Jui Shrestha
December 2013   Statewide Survey
  California's Health Care Safety Net
Shannon McConville
October 2013   Just the Facts
  The California Poverty Measure: A New Look at the Social Safety Net
Sarah Bohn, Caroline Danielson, Matt Levin, Marybeth Mattingly, and Christopher Wimer
October 2013   Report
  PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government
Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Sonja Petek, and Jui Shrestha
September 2013   Statewide Survey
  Poverty in California
Sarah Bohn and Matt Levin
August 2013   Just the Facts
  Child Poverty in California
Sarah Bohn and Matt Levin
August 2013   Just the Facts
  Rethinking the State-Local Relationship: Social Services
Caroline Danielson
February 2013   Report
  Rethinking the State-Local Relationship: Health Care
Kim Belshé and Shannon McConville
February 2013   Report
  Access to the Health Care Safety Net in California
Helen Lee, Laura Hill, and Shannon McConville
October 2012   Report
  California’s Welfare Recipients: Family Circumstances, Income, and Time on Aid among CalWORKs Families
Caroline Danielson
May 2012   Report
  CalWORKs in Transition
Caroline Danielson
March 2012   Report
  California's Welfare Caseload
Caroline Danielson
February 2012   Just the Facts
  California's Food Stamp Program: Participation and Cost Challenges for the State
Caroline Danielson and Jacob Alex Klerman
September 2011   Report
  Expanding Medi-Cal: Profiles of Potential New Users
Helen Lee and Shannon McConville
August 2011   Report
  Rethinking the State-Local Relationship: Child Welfare Services
Caroline Danielson
May 2011   Report
  PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Healthy Communities
Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Sonja Petek, and Nicole Willcoxon
February 2011   Statewide Survey
  How Can California Spur Job Creation?
David Neumark
February 2011   Report
  How Can California Spur Job Creation? Summary
David Neumark
February 2011   Research Brief
  Policies to Encourage Job Creation: Hiring Credits vs. Worker Subsidies
David Neumark
February 2011   Working Paper
  Foster Care in California: Achievements and Challenges
Caroline Danielson and Helen Lee
May 2010   Report
  Foster Care in California: Achievements and Challenges, Summary
Caroline Danielson and Helen Lee
May 2010   Research Brief
  Climate Change Challenges: Vehicle Emissions and Public Health in California
Louise Bedsworth
March 2010   Report
  Foster Care in California
Caroline Danielson
March 2010   Just the Facts
  Sanctions and Time Limits in California's Welfare Program
Caroline Danielson and Deborah Reed
April 2009   Report
  Latinos' Views on Population Issues
March 2009   Just the Facts
  PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Population Issues
Mark Baldassare, Dean Bonner, Jennifer Paluch, and Sonja Petek
February 2009   Statewide Survey
  Full-Day Kindergarten in California
Jill Cannon
February 2009   Just the Facts
  Climate Change and California's Public Health Institutions
Louise Bedsworth
November 2008   Report
  The CalWORKs Caseload in 1999 and 2005
Caroline Danielson
September 2008   Working Paper
  Emergency Department Care in California: Who Uses It and Why?
Shannon McConville and Helen Lee
August 2008   California Counts
  Immigrants and Health
June 2008   Just the Facts
  Birth Rates in California
Hans P. Johnson
November 2007   California Counts
  Death in the Golden State: Why Do Some Californians Live Longer?
Helen Lee and Shannon McConville
August 2007   California Counts
  Health Insurance, Health Care Use, and Health Status in Los Angeles County
Marianne P. Bitler and Weiyi Shi
December 2006   Report
  Health Insurance, Health Care Use, and Health Status in Los Angeles County
December 2006   Research Brief
  Patterns of Work Participation in CalWORKs
Caroline Danielson
December 2006   Occasional Paper
  Pay-or-Play Health Insurance Mandates: Lessons from California
Aaron S. Yelowitz
October 2006   California Economic Policy
  Obesity Among California Adults: Racial and Ethnic Differences
Helen Lee
September 2006   Report
  Poverty in California: Moving Beyond the Federal Measure
Deborah Reed
May 2006   California Counts
  The State Budget and Local Health Services in California: Surveys of Local Health Officials
Mark Baldassare and Matthew Newman
September 2005   Occasional Paper
  Federal Formula Grants: Federal Child Care Programs
Tim Ransdell and Shervin Boloorian
June 2005   Report
  Medi-Cal Expenditures: Historical Growth and Long Term Forecasts
Thomas MaCurdy, Raymond Chan, Rodney Chun, Hans Johnson, and Margaret O'Brien-Strain
June 2005   Occasional Paper
  Understanding Equitable Infrastructure Investment for California
Manuel Pastor, Jr. and Deborah Reed
June 2005   Occasional Paper
  Educational Resources and Outcomes in California, by Race and Ethnicity
Deborah Reed
February 2005   California Counts
  Making Health Policy at the Ballot Box: Californians and the November 2004 Election
Mark Baldassare, Renatta DeFever, and Kristy Michaud
February 2005   Occasional Paper
  Women, Work, and Family in California
Deborah Reed
November 2004   California Counts
  Transportation Spending by Low-Income California Households: Lessons for the San Francisco Bay Area
Lorien Rice
July 2004   Report
  The Socioeconomic Well-Being of California's Immigrant Youth
Laura E. Hill
July 2004   Report
  The State Budget and Local Health Services in California: Surveys of County Officials
Mark Baldassare, Mina Yaroslavsky, and Paul Lewis
May 2004   Occasional Paper
  Evaluating State EITC Options for California
Thomas MaCurdy
March 2004   Report
  Recent Trends in Income and Poverty
Deborah Reed
February 2004   California Counts
  Arranging and Paying for Child Care
Margaret O'Brien-Strain, Laura Moyé, and Freya Lund Sonenstein
December 2003   Report
  Child Care Price Dynamics in California
Grecia Marrufo, Margaret O'Brien-Strain, and Helen Oliver
December 2003   Report
  Federal Formula Grants: Head Start
Tim Ransdell and Shervin Boloorian
October 2003   Report
  What Happens to Families When They Leave Welfare?
Thomas MaCurdy, Grecia Marrufo, Margaret O'Brien-Strain
September 2003   Report
  The Well-Being of California's Children
Frank F. Furstenberg, Maureen R. Waller, and Hongyu Wang
July 2003   Report
  California's Children
July 2003   Just the Facts
  Racial and Ethnic Wage Gaps in the California Labor Market
Deborah Reed and Jennifer Cheng
May 2003   Report
  Maternity Before Maturity: Teen Birth Rates in California
Hans P. Johnson
February 2003   California Counts
  Federal Formula Grants: TANF and Welfare Programs
Tim Ransdell and Shervin Boloorian
December 2002   Report
  Poverty in California
Deborah Reed
December 2002   Occasional Paper
  California's Young Children: Demographic, Social, and Economic Conditions
Deborah Reed and Amanda Bailey
November 2002   California Counts
  Fragile Families One Year Later: Oakland, California
Sara McLanahan, Irwin Garfinkel, Marcia Carlson, Maureen Waller
October 2002   Occasional Paper
  California's Young Children
September 2002   Just the Facts
  Student and School Indicators for Youth in California's Central Valley
Anne Danenberg, Christopher Jepsen, and Pedro Cerdán
September 2002   Report
  Welfare and Poverty Trends in California
April 2002   Occasional Paper
  Understanding the Future of Californians' Fertility: The Role of Immigrants
Laura E. Hill and Hans P. Johnson
April 2002   Report
  Do Living Wage Laws Help Low-Wage Workers and Low-Income Families?
March 2002   Research Brief
  How Living Wage Laws Affect Low-Wage Workers and Low-Income Families
David Neumark
March 2002   Report
  Does California's Welfare Policy Explain the Slower Decline of Its Caseload?
Thomas E. MaCurdy, David C. Mancuso, and Margaret O'Brien-Strain
January 2002   Report
  Poverty in California: Levels, Trends, and Demographic Dimensions
Deborah Reed and Richard Van Swearingen
November 2001   California Counts
  At Home and in School: Racial and Ethnic Gaps in Educational Preparedness
Jennifer Y. Cheng
November 2001   California Counts
  Demographic, Social, and Economic Trends for Young Children in California
Deborah Reed and Sonya M. Tafoya
October 2001   Occasional Paper
  Homelessness in California
John M. Quigley, Steven Raphael, and Eugene Smolensky
October 2001   Report
  New Trends in Newborns: Fertility Rates and Patterns in California
Hans P. Johnson, Laura Hill, and Mary Heim
August 2001   California Counts
  Unmarried Parents, Fragile Families: New Evidence from Oakland
Maureen R. Waller
July 2001   Report
  Employers and Welfare Recipients: The Effects of Welfare Reform in the Workplace
Harry J. Holzer and Michael A. Stoll
January 2001   Report
  Medi-Cal and Managed Care: Risk, Costs, and Regional Variation
E. Kathleen Adams, Janet M. Bronstein, Edmund R. Becker
December 2000   Report
  Graying in the Golden State: Demographic and Economic Trends of Older Californians
Sonya M. Tafoya and Hans P. Johnson
November 2000   California Counts
  Expensive Children in Poor Families: The Intersection of Childhood Disabilities and Welfare
Marcia K. Meyers, Henry E. Brady, and Eva Y. Seto
October 2000   Report
  The Rise and Fall of California's Welfare Caseload: Types and Regions, 1980-1999
Thomas MaCurdy, David Mancuso, and Margaret O'Brien-Strain
June 2000   Report
  Increasing the Minimum Wage: California's Winners and Losers
Margaret O'Brien-Strain and Thomas MaCurdy
May 2000   Report
  Trends in Family and Household Poverty
Hans P. Johnson and Sonya M. Tafoya
May 2000   California Counts
  Child Support and Low-Income Families: Perceptions, Practices, and Policy
Maureen Waller and Robert Plotnick
November 1999   Report
  The Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study
Sara McLanahan, Irwin Garfinkel,and Maureen Waller
November 1999   Occasional Paper
  Congressional Testimony on Minimum Wage
Joanne Spetz
October 1999   Occasional Paper
  Changes in Hospital Ownership in California
Joanne Spetz, Jean Ann Seago, and Shannon Mitchell
October 1999   Report
  Has Managed Care Affected the Availability of Medical Technology?
Joanne Spetz and Laurence Baker
May 1999   Report
  The Basic Skills of Welfare Recipients: Implications for Welfare Reform
Hans P. Johnson and Sonya M. Tafoya
April 1999   Report
  California's Rising Income Inequality: Causes and Concerns
Deborah Reed
February 1999   Report
  Reform Reversed? The Restoration of Welfare Benefits to Immigrants in California
Thomas MaCurdy and Margaret O'Brien-Strain
December 1998   Report
  Welfare Reform: A Primer in 12 Questions
Eugene Smolensky, Eirik Evenhouse, and Siobhán Reilly
May 1997   Report
  Who Will Be Affected by Welfare Reform in California?
Thomas MaCurdy and Margaret O'Brien-Strain
February 1997   Report
  Nursing Staff Trends in California Hospitals: 1977 through 1995
Joanne Spetz
October 1996   Report
  The Distribution of Income in California
Deborah Reed, Melissa Glenn Haber, and Laura Mameesh
July 1996   Report