Research Resources

PPIC is dedicated to improving the quality of public policy decisionmaking in California. In addition to conducting high quality research and broad outreach programs, the institute seeks to provide those interested in California policy issues - from policy analysts and researchers to the general public and media - with access to a wide range of information sources.

Current resources include:

  • Data Depot
    Contains original datasets that can be accessed and used by researchers and policy analysts.
  • Map Room
    Houses both interactive and static California maps, generated by PPIC researchers.
  • Other Online Resources
    Links users to government, research, educational, and civic organizations involved in policymaking and analysis in California.
  • Research Seminar Series
    Invites leading scholars and researchers to present policy-oriented research.
  • Statewide Survey Interactive Tools
    • Create your own crosstabs by using PPIC Statewide Survey data to create customized tables and charts.
    • Follow top time trends in job approval ratings for elected officials and Californians’ opinions about the state and the nation.
    • Search PPIC Statewide Survey’s questions by keyword, phrase, and/or date.