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PPIC research and news is available through RSS feeds; get immediate notice of new reports, commentary, events, and more as they are released.
New to RSS Feeds? See our FAQs and Selected RSS Readers to learn about this service.
If you are using Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) -- find this icon located on the address bar and just click it to subscribe.  In IE7, feeds will appear in your favorites and in Firefox, they will appear in your Bookmarks list.
Here are detailed instructions for IE7 and Firefox.
Amphetadesk Windows, Mac, Linux (open source); freeware
Awasu Windows; free for personal use
Bloglines Web-based news aggregator; free
FeedDemon Windows; commercial software, trial available
Feedreader Windows (open source); freeware
Google Reader Web-based news aggregator; free
My Yahoo! Web-based news aggregator; free
NewsGator Windows; commercial software, trial available
NetNewsWire Mac OS X; commercial software, trial available
RSS Reader Windows; freeware
SharpReader Windows; freeware