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California has an opportunity to redefine the roles of state and local government so that services are delivered more effectively, efficiently, and fairly. What are the obstacles and possibilities for reform?
Did You Know
Untangling the State-Local Fiscal Relationship initiative is supported with funding from The S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.


Put Power in Local Hands—Carefully
Mark Baldassare
Californians of all political stripes are convinced that state government is broken and it is time for ...
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Restoring Elected Officials’ Ability to Raise Revenues Would Increase Transparency, Accountability
Jean Ross
It may seem too simplistic to fault ...
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Anatomy of a Tortured Relationship, Three Decades in the Making
Dan Walters
When Orange County’s Board of Supervisors rebelled in mid-November, defying a new ...
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California Cities and the Changing State-Local Fiscal Relationship
Curt Pringle
One issue that stands out in recent California budget crises has been the negative effect that ...
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To Ease the Crisis at the Local Level, New Thinking is Necessary
Courtni Sunjoo Pugh
Local governments throughout the state face ongoing fiscal crises caused by the state’s ...
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Creative Approaches at All Levels of Government Can Cut Costs
Gray Davis
Before 1978 California had good public schools and people were satisfied with the local services provided ...
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Look to the State’s Economic Regions for Solutions
Rebecca Morgan
My experience as a member of the California Legislature and my subsequent role as founding CEO of ...
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Local Governments Need Freedom from the State to Innovate
Joel Fox
One of the biggest problems in the state-local relationship is that the state does not allow local ...
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To Right-Size California Government, Empower the Regions
Joe Mathews
You hear all the time that California is the world’s eighth largest economy. You rarely hear that, if the state ...
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Looking at Realignment through the Lens of Equity
Angela Blackwell and Victor Rubin
Realignment of the relationship between state and local government just might result in better ways to ...
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