Survey Interactive Tools
This interactive tool generates customized tables and charts using data from PPIC Statewide Surveys. Responses to survey questions can be broken into various categories, including political party, likely voters, region, and race/ethnicity. A wide range of survey topics may be explored, from budget to education to social issues.

Select one of the following topics:
Approval Ratings of Elected Officials
(State legislature, Governor Brown, President Obama)

California Budget and Fiscal Reforms
(Pensions, raising revenues, realignment, spending cuts)

Economy and Jobs
(Economic outlook, federal policy, personal finances)

Education - Higher Education
(Access, affordability, ratings of the systems, state funding)

Education - K-12 Education
(Finance, quality, state budget, teachers)

(Candidate match-ups, ballot initiatives)

(Air pollution, emissions and energy policy, global warming)

(Health care reform, healthy communities, obesity, prevention)

Information Technology

(Computers, devices, and Internet use, diparities)

Other Federal Issues
(Economic policy, federal budget, foreign policy, immigration)

Other State Issues
(Governance, initiative process, economic outlook)

Political Attitudes
(News sources, political ideology, trust in government)

(Population growth, sex education, teen pregnancy)

Social Issues
(Abortion, death penalty, marijuana, same-sex marriage)

2010 Multistate Survey
(Fiscal attitudes in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, and New York)