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California's future header image
PPIC's commitment to providing essential information for California's future is more important than ever. In 2011, PPIC's California 2025 project encouraged newly elected leaders to put a high priority on planning for a better future and raised awareness about California's economic prospects.

Just in time for the gubernatorial transition and swearing-in of the new legislature, we updated and widely circulated our California 2025 kit containing short, accessible briefing notes on long-term policy challenges in eight key areas: the budget, climate change, the economy, education, housing, population, water, and the workforce.

PPIC also launched the 2011 Speaker Series on California's Future, bringing together thought leaders from across the political and geographic spectrum with a common goal—to think critically, constructively, and collaboratively about realistic solutions to California’s many challenges. This series is funded by underwriting support from leading corporate and philanthropic partners, as well as contributions of unrestricted support to PPIC's donor circle.
2011 Speaker Series on California's Future
Many of the series events focused on strategies to build a brighter economic future for the state—at a time when PPIC Statewide Surveys were registering record levels of concern about California's economic outlook. Speakers included HP CEO Meg Whitman, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, and United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, among others. Their unique perspectives and bold ideas were shared with large and diverse audiences in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and a much wider online audience through videos and live broadcasts.

In December, PPIC hosted a conference on the Great Recession and prospects for recovery in California. This event—part of the annual Sutton Family Speaker Series—featured a presentation by PPIC policy fellow Sarah Bohn about income trends in the state. Leading experts—including UC Berkeley’s Robert Reich and Stanford’s John Shoven—examined our still-fragile economy and discussed options for creating jobs and more widespread prosperity.

In 2012, PPIC will continue to raise awareness about California's long-term challenges. Our research and engagement activities will inform Californians about the critical decisions we must make today to build a better future for the Golden State.
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economic chart image
Source: PPIC Statewide Survey, December 2011
Californians Remain Pessimistic About State's Future Economic Conditions