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California’s Political Geography – Additional Maps

These maps illustrate the geographic variation of Californians’ opinions on a variety of fiscal, social, and political issues. They are related to the analysis in California’s Political Geography, by Eric McGhee and Daniel Krimm.

Attitudes Toward Abortion Restrictions
(2.61 MB, PDF)

Attitudes Toward Gay Marriage
(2.56 MB, PDF)

Attitudes Toward Offshore Oil Drilling
(2.63 MB, PDF)

Attitudes Toward Reducing the State’s Budget Deficits
(2.61 MB, PDF)

Attitudes Toward Size of State Government
(2.63 MB, PDF)

Attitudes Toward State Action on Global Warming
(3.11 MB, PDF)

Partisan Tendencies of Unregistered Californians
(2.61 MB, PDF)

Range of Californians’ Political Ideology
(2.67 MB, PDF)

Key to Counties, County Groups, and County Subdivisions
(1.92 MB, PDF)

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