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California’s Dream Act

As the federal government moves to end the DACA program, California is continuing to support the higher education aspirations of undocumented students.

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DACA and California’s Future

The DACA program has been particularly significant in California—home to 70,000 “Dreamers” and other undocumented immigrants who attend public colleges.

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New CSU Admissions Policy Could Increase Access, Enrollment

A change in the admissions process could boost access to California State University and increase the number of college-educated Californians overall.

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UC Admissions: What the Numbers Mean

The University of California’s recently released admissions data shows that about 62% of all applicants were admitted for fall 2017. UC expects that less than half will enroll.

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CSU Ends Remedial Courses

California State University is eliminating remedial classes and will focus on helping students complete college-level work regardless of preparation.

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