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Drought Watch

Drought Watch: The End of the Rainy Season Managing this drought will be difficult, even painful in some regions, but the state is not going to run out of water. Read More
Drought Watch: Priorities for Cities and Farms Cities need to do more to reduce landscape irrigation. For farmers, the options are somewhat different. Read More
Drought Watch: Treating Stormwater as a Resource If it is done right, capturing stormwater in rain gardens and wetlands can filter out the pollution while storing the water for later use. Read More
Drought Watch: Getting More Pop per Drop PPIC senior fellow Ellen Hanak testified to the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee about the recent history of the state’s water finance. Read More
Drought Watch: Water Not Wasted to the Sea The water from the latest storm that is moving down the Sacramento River, out through the Delta, and into the Bay benefits a broad range of users. Read More

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