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workforce skills gap

Testimony: How Can California Produce More College Graduates? California needs to produce 1.1 million more college graduates by 2030 to meet economic demand. Here is how each university segment can help reach that goal. Read More
College Graduates and California’s Future California’s population and economy are changing, and its higher education institutions need to increase both college enrollment and completion rates. Read More
Testimony: The Need for College Graduates in California’s Future Economy California needs to enroll more students in college—especially in our four-year institutions—and ensure greater success of those already in college. Read More
DACA and California’s Future The DACA program has been particularly significant in California—home to 70,000 “Dreamers” and other undocumented immigrants who attend public colleges. Read More
Highly Educated Workers See Strong Job Gains The recovery from the Great Recession highlights the importance of California’s higher education systems in providing meaningful economic opportunities for workers. Read More

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