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Examining the Federal EITC’s Impact on Poverty The federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) keeps hundreds of thousands of Californians out of poverty. But its role varies widely across regions. Read More
Commentary: Will California’s Pot Law Limit Illegal Marijuana Sales? Will the legalization of recreational marijuana change much in California? Read More
Video: John Cox’s Priorities Businessman John Cox, candidate for governor, says the most important issues facing the state are removing the influence of special interest money, making the state more affordable, and addressing state employee pension debt. Read More
New Water Rules for Marijuana Growers Cannabis growers will encounter new state requirements next year to address the crop’s impact on California’s creeks and streams. Read More
Video: Strategies for Reducing Child Poverty A new report on reducing child poverty underscores the need for policymakers to be strategic in determining how best to help families in need throughout the state. Read More

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