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College Graduates and California’s Future

California’s population and economy are changing, and its higher education institutions need to increase both college enrollment and completion rates.

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Video: Gavin Newsom’s Priorities

Gavin Newsom, California’s lieutenant governor and a candidate for governor, says the most important issues facing the state are debt and demographics, energy and climate change, and the future of work.

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Video: Californians Concerned about Cost but Give State’s Colleges Good Grades

Most Californians say college affordability is a big problem, and most give the state’s public colleges good grades. These are among the PPIC Statewide Survey findings presented in Sacramento.

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Testimony: The Need for College Graduates in California’s Future Economy

California needs to enroll more students in college—especially in our four-year institutions—and ensure greater success of those already in college.

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Video: How Californians View National Issues

With the nation focused on a range of contentious issues, the September PPIC Statewide Survey provides a California perspective.

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