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Climate Change/Energy

Californians’ Views on Climate Change

The state’s leadership on climate change is important to most Californians. Most are concerned about the effects of global warming—including severe wildfires and rising sea…

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Managing Drought in a Changing Climate: Four Essential Reforms

This report reviews climate pressures that are stressing the state’s water system, and describes reforms to help California prepare for greater extremes and growing water…

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PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and the Environment

Key findings from the current survey: A majority of likely voters (56%) say the candidates’ environmental positions are very important in determining their vote in…

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Californians and the Coast

Most Californians see ocean and beach conditions as very important to the state’s future. Three in four Californians (74%) say the condition of the ocean…

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California’s State Budget: The Enacted 2018–19 Budget

K–12 and higher education continue to see funding increases in this year’s budget. The plan also expands support for working Californians and the homeless, while…

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California’s Future

Major change at the federal level and increasing pressure from demographic and economic forces are pushing California into uncharted territory. Wide-ranging critical issues—our environment, our…

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California’s Future: Climate Change

Global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are raising air and water temperatures as well as sea levels, with serious consequences for California. The state has…

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California’s Future: Water

Water management in California has always been challenging. The state’s variable climate is marked by long droughts and severe floods, with stark regional differences in…

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