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Fiscal & Governance Reform

Assessing California’s Redistricting Commission: Effects on Partisan Fairness and Competitiveness

The creation of the Citizen Redistricting Commission (CRC) in 2008 was a radical departure from California’s previous redistricting process, which had been directed by the…

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PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

Key findings from the current survey: In California’s gubernatorial race, Democrats Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa are in a virtual tie—but a quarter of likely…

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California’s State Budget: The Governor’s Proposal

Governor Brown’s 2018–19 budget anticipates continued revenue growth. On January 10, Governor Jerry Brown submitted his proposed 2018–19 budget to the legislature. The $190.3 billion…

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The Affordable Care Act in California

The Affordable Care Act made major changes to federal health policy. Passed in 2010 with most provisions going into effect in 2014, the Affordable Care…

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California’s Future

Major change at the federal level and increasing pressure from demographic and economic forces are pushing California into uncharted territory. Wide-ranging critical issues—our environment, our…

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California’s Future: Corrections

California has reversed a decades-long trend of explosive growth in the state prison population that led to severe over­crowding. The population has dropped dramatically since…

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California’s Future: Health Care

California has seen dramatic declines in the number of uninsured residents since 2014, when major coverage expansions under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) were implemented.…

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California’s Future: K-12 Education

California educates more than 6 million children in its K–12 public schools. More than half of these students are economically disadvantaged. Almost a quarter are…

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