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PPIC Water Policy Center

Replenishing Groundwater in the San Joaquin Valley

This report reviews groundwater recharge efforts in the San Joaquin Valley, and proposes actions to increase recharge and reduce the valley’s groundwater deficit.

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PPIC Statewide Survey: Californians and Their Government

Key findings from the current survey: In California’s gubernatorial race, Democrats Gavin Newsom and Antonio Villaraigosa are in a virtual tie—but a quarter of likely…

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Alternative Water Supplies

Alternative supplies are a small but important part of the state’s water portfolio. Alternative water sources―recycled wastewater, urban stormwater, and desalinated seawater and brackish water―now…

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California’s Future

Major change at the federal level and increasing pressure from demographic and economic forces are pushing California into uncharted territory. Wide-ranging critical issues—our environment, our…

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California’s Future: Climate Change

Global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are raising air and water temperatures as well as sea levels, with serious consequences for California. The state has…

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California’s Future: Water

Water management in California has always been challenging. The state’s variable climate is marked by long droughts and severe floods, with stark regional differences in…

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A New Approach to Accounting for Environmental Water: Insights from the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta

How water is apportioned to California’s cities, farms, and the environment can lead to conflict and competition in times of drought. Allocation of water to…

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Managing California’s Freshwater Ecosystems: Lessons from the 2012-16 Drought

The 2012–16 drought caused unprecedented stress to California’s ecosystems and pushed many native species to the brink of extinction. It also tested the laws, policies,…

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