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PPIC is widely recognized as a trustworthy source of information that is independent, objective, and nonpartisan—qualities more important than ever at a time when separating fact from fiction can be difficult. In a polarized political climate, our commitment to inspiring respectful and productive dialogue is essential.

This 2017 Year in Review highlights some of our recent activities and accomplishments. They were all made possible with the help of supporters like you. Among them:

  • In the midst of a rapidly changing federal-state relationship, the PPIC Statewide Survey raised awareness about Californians’ appetite for independent state action on key issues such as climate change, health care, and immigration.
  • In a year that brought numerous reminders of California’s highly variable climate—record rain, stressed dams and levees, and historic wildfires—a report by the PPIC Water Policy Center recommended priorities for actions that would improve the state’s water systems and better protect residents, businesses, and ecosystems from the type of weather extremes that are expected to become more common.
  • California’s community colleges and the California State University system relied directly on recommendations from the PPIC Higher Education Center to set goals for transfer and completion.

We look forward to a busy and productive 2018—an election year with major consequences for the state. As part of our Speaker Series on California’s Future, PPIC is inviting all of the major candidates for governor to participate in a public event. Candidates John Cox, Gavin Newsom, and Antonio Villaraigosa have each joined in these in-depth conversations so far. These events are webcast live and the videos archived to make them accessible to all.

PPIC cannot do this work alone. We rely on an extensive network of advisors and other engaged Californians to ensure our relevance, expand our reach, and increase our impact. We thank our board of directors, statewide leadership council, and members of the business and nonprofit communities who serve as our ambassadors. We are grateful to our colleagues in local, state, and federal government who are crucial in putting our research into practice.

Finally, thank you to the individuals and organizations providing PPIC with vital financial support. You make it possible for us to conduct timely, rigorous research and develop far-reaching engagement programs that inspire constructive policy debates. Our goals are ambitious, and we cannot achieve them without you.

I hope you will continue to share your perspectives and suggestions with me and lend your support to our efforts in the exciting year ahead.

Thank you,

Mark Baldassare
President and CEO

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