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California’s Exclusive Electorate

The people who go to the polls in California are very different from those who do not—with significant implications for our state. View highlights from our latest research on California’s likely voters.
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Health & Human Services

Screen Shot Poverty By County District Interactive California Poverty by County and Legislative District These interactive maps show 2017–19 average poverty rates across counties and other local areas, according to the California Poverty Measure (CPM).
Image of Who's in Poverty in California Interactive Who’s in Poverty in California? This interactive shows 2019 poverty rates across demographic groups in California, according to the California Poverty Measure (CPM).
Featured image for Interactive: California Critical Care during COVID-19 California Critical Care during COVID-19 As the number of Californians testing positive for the coronavirus rises, there is growing concern about available critical care resources and how they are distributed across the state.
Featured image for Interactive: Californians and the Housing Crisis Californians and the Housing Crisis Home values and rents in California are among the most expensive in the nation, and the state has one of the highest rates of homelessness. Californians are increasingly concerned about these issues, with more than a third saying they've considered leaving the state due to housing costs.
Featured image for Interactive: A Snapshot of California's Working Poor A Snapshot of California’s Working Poor Employment does not eliminate poverty. Struggling workers in California can face many barriers to exiting poverty, including low wages, a high cost of living, and a changing job market.
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