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California’s Exclusive Electorate

The people who go to the polls in California are very different from those who do not—with significant implications for our state. View highlights from our latest research on California’s likely voters.
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K-12 Education

Featured image for Interactive: Changes in K–12 Enrollment across California’s Counties Changes in K–12 Enrollment across California’s Counties The state’s K–12 system may be entering a long period of declining enrollment. But statewide trends tell only part of the story and can mask important differences across counties and districts. This interactive map allows you to see historical and projected changes in K–12 enrollment in each of California’s 58 counties.
Image of 2020 Census Maps: California's Hard-to-Count Communities 2020 Census Maps: California’s Hard-to-Count Communities PPIC’s interactive maps highlight hard-to-count communities across California—and identify reasons why certain areas may be hard to reach and at risk of being undercounted in the upcoming census.
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