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affirmative action

photo - Michael V. Drake Video: A Conversation with University of California President Michael V. Drake Dr. Michael V. Drake talks with PPIC’s Mark Baldassare about how UC has responded to COVID-19 and discusses the system’s ongoing efforts to increase equity and diversity. Read More
photo - Vote 2020 Buttons Election Takeaways: California Voters Send Conflicting Signals Nearly 18 million Californians voted in the November 2020 election—an all-time high. PPIC’s Mark Baldassare discusses the final election results and what they say about Californians’ mindset and policy preferences in a year of unprecedented challenges. Read More
photo - California State Capital Video: Californians and Their Government PPIC’s Rachel Lawler and Mark Baldassare discuss a new statewide survey that examines Californians’ views on the top issues facing the state, key November ballot measures, and the presidential election. Read More
photo - Vote 2020 Buttons Californians and the November 2020 Election California’s likely voters are anxious about the troubling state of affairs in the nation and state, with COVID-19, the economy, and wildfires among their chief concerns. Read More
photo - Students and Residential Halls on UCLA Campus Affirmative Action and Higher Education in California A November ballot measure asks Californians whether or not to repeal the state’s ban on affirmative action in the public sector, including in public higher education. Read More
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