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photo - Judge Holding Gavel in Courtroom New Bail Ruling Could Affect Tens of Thousands of Californians A recent California Supreme Court ruling forbids keeping arrestees in jail because they cannot afford to pay bail. What are the potential implications for the state’s criminal justice system? Read More
photo - Vote 2020 Buttons Election Takeaways: California Voters Send Conflicting Signals Nearly 18 million Californians voted in the November 2020 election—an all-time high. PPIC’s Mark Baldassare discusses the final election results and what they say about Californians’ mindset and policy preferences in a year of unprecedented challenges. Read More
photo - I Voted Today Stickers and the US Flag Election Day and California’s Future In a year of unprecedented crises, Californians express a high level of enthusiasm about voting, and the state appears on course to set a modern-day record for voter turnout. Read More
Courtroom Pretrial Reform in California New PPIC research examines a proposed criminal justice reform that would end money bail and replace it with a new process of determining pretrial release. Read More
photo - Broken Car Window Low Crime Numbers Leveling off Under Shelter-in-Place While crime rates continue to be low in major California cities, some crimes—such as burglaries and car theft—have gone up. Read More
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