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California Poverty Measure

photo - Mom With Daughter Putting Groceries In Car Testimony: Access to Anti-Poverty Programs for Californians in Need In legislative testimony, PPIC’s Sarah Bohn discussed the economic effects of the current downturn and the role of safety net programs in addressing poverty and related challenges. Read More
photo - Grocery Store Worker Essential Workers and COVID-19 Many essential workers in health care, transportation, and other sectors are not well equipped to weather the economic challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Read More
photo - School Age Girl Feeding Children When Schools Are Closed for COVID-19 With schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, local, state, and federal officials are taking steps to provide meals to students who usually obtain meals from their school. Read More
photo - Restaurant Kitchen Worker Interactive: Many Californians Live in or Near Poverty Economic hardship does not end at the poverty line. More than 7 million Californians are “near poor”: out of poverty, but with annual resources of up to just 1.5 times the poverty threshold. Read More
photo - Woman Worried about Bills For Many Californians, Poverty Is One Minor Expense Away More than 7 million Californians live near poverty, with just enough resources to meet their basic needs. Read More
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