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photo - Mom With Daughter Putting Groceries In Car Testimony: Access to Anti-Poverty Programs for Californians in Need In legislative testimony, PPIC’s Sarah Bohn discussed the economic effects of the current downturn and the role of safety net programs in addressing poverty and related challenges. Read More
photo - Man at Kitchen Sink Looking Out Window Will This Recession Deepen California’s Economic Divide? The current downturn is having a disproportionate impact on low-income Californians and communities of color. Deliberate policy action can help create an equitable recovery and broaden long-term economic opportunity. Read More
photo - Toddler and Mother on Lap Top Video: Supporting Student Parents in Community College CalWORKs Programs PPIC’s Bonnie Brooks and Shannon McConville discuss new research on how programs at California community colleges help support the economic mobility of CalWORKs student parents. Read More
Interactive: A Look at Child Poverty across California Governor Newsom’s first budget proposal boosts safety net programs that play an essential role in lowering child poverty in the California. Read More
Federal Immigration Proposal Could Have Widespread Impact A proposed Department of Homeland Security rule change could affect hundreds of thousands of Californians who are currently eligible for social safety net benefits. Read More
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