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college admissions

photo - California State University, Fullerton Dual Admission Could Help More Students Transfer from Community College to State Universities Under a proposed dual admission program, students who enroll in a California community college would be conditionally accepted to a state university. This could expand access to a bachelor’s degree and help address equity gaps in higher education. Read More
photo - College Students Wearing Masks and Walking on Campus COVID-19 Altered College Plans for Most Students The pandemic has caused major disruptions for college students. The impact has been especially large for low-income students, African Americans and Latinos, and students who are the first generation in their families to attend college. Read More
photo - High School Student Wearing Mask and Taking Test on Lap Top COVID-19 Further Disrupts Testing for College Admissions and Placement As the pandemic continues to cause major shifts in the educational landscape, California’s public colleges and universities are exploring how new admissions and placement approaches might promote equity and access. Read More
photo - Students and Residential Halls on UCLA Campus Affirmative Action and Higher Education in California A November ballot measure asks Californians whether or not to repeal the state’s ban on affirmative action in the public sector, including in public higher education. Read More
Photo - Students walking on UCLA college campus COVID-19 Alters College Admissions UC and CSU are allowing greater flexibility in requirements for fall 2021 admission, but disadvantaged students may still face unique barriers to access. Read More
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