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colorado river

Photo - Stream of Gold, Sunset Landscape In California A Wish List for Water Collaboration with the Biden‒Harris Administration Cooperation between California and the federal government was at a low ebb over the past four years. A diverse group of experts discusses top water priorities for collaboration between the state and the new administration. Read More
photo - Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Why the Big Drop in California’s Colorado River Water Use? California's use of Colorado River water is at its lowest level in decades. We talked to John Fleck of University of New Mexico about this trend. Read More
Photo of the Colorado River at Lake Powell Planning for a Drier Future in the Colorado River Basin The Colorado River’s waters are over-allocated, making it hard to address the challenges climate change brings. We talked to Doug Kenney of the University of Colorado about managing the basin for a drier future. Read More
photo - Farmland Along Colorado River What Does the Colorado River Drought Plan Mean for California? Here’s how a new plan to address chronic water shortages in the Colorado River Basin will affect Southern California water users. Read More
Hoover Dam Colorado Drought Deal Close, But Not Done Arizona and California missed the federal government’s deadline to submit plans for managing water shortages in the Colorado River Basin. We spoke with John Fleck of the University of New Mexico about the situation. Read More
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