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common core

photo - High School Science Teacher Talking with Students in Chemistry Lab California Needs More Math and Science Teachers The state needs a bigger, younger, more diverse pool of math and science teachers. Read More
Elementary School Children Writing In Class Video: Analyzing the Standardized Test Results Standardized tests results show improvement overall. But they also suggest that students already lagging their peers could be falling further behind. Read More
Third Graders Video: Taking the Pulse of Californians’ Views of Schools The annual PPIC Statewide Survey on education examined the views of Californians on statewide reforms and federal policies. Read More
photo - Elementary School Student Giving a Presentation Three Bills Signal State of Education Policy A review of the fates of three bills, the state budget, and recent administrative actions helps illustrate the current state of education policy in California. Read More
Teacher Helping Female High School Student In Classroom Comparing College Readiness across States The new 11th-grade tests show how California compares to other states in preparing all students for college. Read More
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