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photo - White House The President’s Popularity and the Midterm Election How is Donald Trump viewed in California at the end of his first-year anniversary in office? The results matter for the 2018 midterm election. Read More
Photo of Bixby Bridge Video: Californians and Climate Change There is broad consensus in favor of California’s efforts to address climate change, the PPIC Statewide Survey shows. Read More
photo - Senator Dianne Feinstein and Mark Baldassare Video: Senator Dianne Feinstein in Conversation Underscoring her role in three contentious policy issues, Senator Dianne Feinstein spoke to a Sacramento audience about filling the vacancy on the US Supreme Court, the dispute between Apple and the FBI, and drought relief. Read More
Surveycheckmark Video: PPIC Survey Examines Election Landscape Climate change/energy, political landscape, fiscal/governance reform, health & human services, K-12 education, economy, population, water Read More
photo - Leon Panetta and Mark Baldassare Leon Panetta on Leadership and Crisis In a wide-ranging conversation, Leon Panetta—former US defense secretary, CIA director, and longtime member of Congress—touched on global flashpoints, presidential politics, dysfunction in Washington, and electoral reform in California. Read More
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