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photo - Broken Window at Business California’s Major Cities See Some Increases in Crime Violent crime in four major cities—Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco—is generally no higher than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some violent crimes have increased. Read More
photo - Broken Car Window Low Crime Numbers Leveling off Under Shelter-in-Place While crime rates continue to be low in major California cities, some crimes—such as burglaries and car theft—have gone up. Read More
photo - Prison Jail Bookings Down Significantly during COVID-19 California’s “zero-bail” emergency measure, along with decreased crime and changes in local law enforcement practices, appear to have substantially reduced the number of people sent to jail during the pandemic. Read More
Photo - police cars at night COVID-19 and Crime in Major California Cities As people across the state shelter in place, the overall number of reported crimes is declining in four of California’s largest cities, though there is evidence of an uptick in certain types of crime. Read More
Travis Allen Video: Travis Allen’s Priorities Travis Allen, assemblymember and candidate for governor, says his top three priorities are cutting taxes, getting tough on crime, and fixing roads and expanding freeways. Read More
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