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Donald Trump

photo - White House Early Support and High Hopes for President Joe Biden Strong majorities of Californians approve of how President Biden is handling his job and think he will be able to work with Congress to accomplish a lot in the next year. But views are split along partisan lines. Read More
photo - California Capital Building in Sacramento What Approval Ratings Say about Recalling Governor Newsom Governor Newsom could potentially face a recall election this year. But PPIC’s new statewide survey suggests that California voters currently are unlikely to remove him from office. Read More
photo - Vote 2020 Buttons Election Takeaways: California Voters Send Conflicting Signals Nearly 18 million Californians voted in the November 2020 election—an all-time high. PPIC’s Mark Baldassare discusses the final election results and what they say about Californians’ mindset and policy preferences in a year of unprecedented challenges. Read More
photo - California State Capital Video: Californians and Their Government PPIC’s Rachel Lawler and Mark Baldassare discuss a new statewide survey that examines Californians’ views on the top issues facing the state, key November ballot measures, and the presidential election. Read More
photo - Vote Buttons Video: A 2020 Election Preview Politico’s Carla Marinucci moderates an expert panel of four other leading journalists – Perry Bacon Jr., Priya David Clemens, Tamara Keith, and Jennifer Medina – discussing the upcoming election and the political landscape in California and nationally. Read More
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