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photo - Worried Man on Laptop at Home Black Californians Struggle within a Challenging Job Market As the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects continue, the downturn poses particular challenges for Black workers. Read More
photo - Woman Wearing Protective Mask and Gloves, Looking Down and Sitting on Ground California’s Recovery Backslides The number of jobs in California declined last month for the first time since April. Overall, jobs statewide are down 8% compared to a year ago, with face-to-face service sectors being the hardest hit. Read More
photo - Cafeteria Worker Wearing Mask and Cleaning Outside Table Commentary: An Equitable Recovery for California Requires Two Key Strategies The current economic downturn has had an outsized impact on low-wage workers, communities of color, and women, and threatens to widen inequality. The right short- and long-term policies could help those most affected while broadening economic opportunity. Read More
photo - Woman Wearing Mask and Waiting for a Job Interview Looking Ahead to California’s 2021 Labor Market With a surge in COVID-19 cases in recent months, employment in California has taken a hit. Given the continued challenges posed by the pandemic, what can we expect from the state’s labor market this year? Read More
photo - Woman Examing Machine Part Broad Support for Job Training and Child Care to Boost Recovery In the latest PPIC Statewide Survey, most Californians support key policy proposals to increase economic well-being and broaden opportunity. Read More
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