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endangered species

photo - Elk River Why Is It Taking So Long to Restore the Sediment-Choked Elk River? The Elk River was damaged by landslides from logged land more than 20 years ago, which harmed fisheries and drinking water supplies. Darren Mierau of CalTrout talks about ongoing efforts to restore the river. Read More
photo - Wetlands and the Diablo Range Mountains in the background, in San Jose, California Smoothing the Bumps in the Road to Ecosystem Restoration California’s environmental permitting system was developed to prevent bad things from happening to ecosystems, but it often slows efforts to do good things, too. We talked with a group of experts about how to make the process more efficient and effective. Read More
photo - Lake Shasta, Pixel CA DWR Making End-of-Life Decisions on Aging Dams Many of California’s large dams are outliving their functions and even becoming hazardous. We talked to Andrew Rypel of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences about how to address this aging dam population. Read More
photo - Salmon Release into San Joaquin River Video: A Path Forward for California’s Freshwater Ecosystems California’s current approach for managing freshwater ecosystems is not working. An expert panel discussed an alternative path. Read More
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