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photo - College Student Walking on Campus and Wearing a Mask Helping Community Colleges Build on Progress during the Pandemic As higher education continues to confront the disruptions from COVID-19, Governor Newsom’s proposed state budget includes funding to help California community colleges boost access and retention and improve student outcomes. Read More
photo - Teenager Girl Studying at Home Improving College Readiness through Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment--allowing high school students to take college courses--is an important strategy for expanding educational opportunities. It’s especially important for helping students from underserved communities. Read More
photo - Occidental College How Is the Pandemic Affecting California’s Independent, Nonprofit Colleges? COVID-19 has created a number of disruptions for higher education institutions. We talked with Kristen Soares, president of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, about how these institutions are addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic. Read More
photo - Happy College Graduates Testimony: Getting to Graduation on Time at California State University PPIC’s Jacob Jackson testified before the Select Committee on Student Success on increasing the share of CSU students who graduate in four years by encouraging them to take full course loads early in college. Read More
photo - College Student Raising Hand in Lecture Classroom Testimony: Increasing Community College Transfers In testimony for the Regents of the University of California, PPIC’s Hans Johnson discusses progress in increasing community college transfers and ways to further improve the transfer pathway. Read More
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