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environmental permitting

photo - Wetlands and the Diablo Range Mountains in the background, in San Jose, California Smoothing the Bumps in the Road to Ecosystem Restoration California’s environmental permitting system was developed to prevent bad things from happening to ecosystems, but it often slows efforts to do good things, too. We talked with a group of experts about how to make the process more efficient and effective. Read More
photo - Green Gulch Zen Center Restoration Project, from Accelerating Restoration Program A Faster Track for Ecosystem Restoration The state’s rivers and aquatic species are in trouble, but restoration projects are often slowed by complex permitting requirements. We talked to Erika Lovejoy of Sustainable Conservation about efforts to simplify the process. Read More
photo - wetlands How Permitting Slows Ecosystem Recovery and Climate Resilience Projects California’s complex permitting process slows efforts to restore ecosystems at a time when healthy natural systems are needed more than ever. We talked to Letitia Grenier of the San Francisco Estuary Institute about how to improve the process. Read More
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