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gender gap

photo - Cafeteria Worker Wearing Mask and Cleaning Outside Table Commentary: An Equitable Recovery for California Requires Two Key Strategies The current economic downturn has had an outsized impact on low-wage workers, communities of color, and women, and threatens to widen inequality. The right short- and long-term policies could help those most affected while broadening economic opportunity. Read More
photo - Woman Wearing Mask and Waiting for a Job Interview Looking Ahead to California’s 2021 Labor Market With a surge in COVID-19 cases in recent months, employment in California has taken a hit. Given the continued challenges posed by the pandemic, what can we expect from the state’s labor market this year? Read More
photo - Cashier Scanning Products at a Grocery Store Wearing a Mask The Economic Toll of COVID-19 on Women The current downturn has created a gender divide in un- and underemployment in California, with an especially large impact on low-income women and women of color. Read More
photo - California Capitol Building Where California Stands with Women in the Legislature Following the 2020 election, women will account for about one-third of California’s state legislators—as they did before the election. This is a smaller share than in neighboring states. Read More
photo - Waitress and Restaurant Staff Gender Gaps in the COVID-19 Labor Market The current economic downturn is having a disproportionate impact on employment for women in California, and the effects could be long-lasting. Read More
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