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photo - US Senator Alex Padilla Video: A Conversation with US Senator Alex Padilla Senator Padilla talks about what he hopes to accomplish in Washington and the importance of federal policymakers’ efforts on COVID-19 relief, infrastructure, and immigration reform. Read More
photo - Child in Front of Electric Fan When a Lack of Air Conditioning is a Public Health Threat California is getting hotter, which is leading to public health inequities caused by a lack of air conditioning. We talked to Kelly Sanders of the University of Southern California about addressing “air conditioning deserts." Read More
photo - Coronavirus Screening at Medical Centre California’s Quick Response to COVID-19 Likely Saved Lives Early actions before the statewide shelter-in-place order appear to have been effective in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Read More
photo - Measuring Blood Pressure Race, Health, and the Risk of COVID-19 Complications Heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions that increase the risk of COVID-19 complications are more prevalent among certain groups, especially Native Americans and African Americans. Read More
photo - Prison Cells Severe COVID-19 Infections May Threaten California’s Prisons California invests more than any other state in prisoners’ health. Still, living conditions that make social distancing difficult and other factors could make the state’s prison population especially susceptible to a coronavirus outbreak. Read More
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