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GettyImages 186653928 Capitol CA Flag Smaller 640×288 Video: Californians and Their Government PPIC’s Dean Bonner and Mark Baldassare discuss new statewide survey findings on Governor Newsom’s job approval, the gubernatorial recall effort, Californians’ economic outlook, and other topics. Read More
photo - Young Woman Sitting on Stairs The Pandemic Has Highlighted the Needs of California’s Youth We spoke with Jevon Wilkes, executive director of the California Coalition for Youth, about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected transitional-age youth (16–24) and the importance of connecting them with basic resources and key supports. Read More
photo - Mark Baldassare and Ana Matosantos Video: A Conversation with Cabinet Secretary Ana Matosantos Ana Matosantos, cabinet secretary to Governor Newsom, talks with PPIC’s Mark Baldassare about managing the COVID-19 pandemic and the steps California is taking to foster a strong economic recovery. Read More
photo - Elderly Man in Hotel Room What Lessons Can Be Learned from Project Roomkey? Project Roomkey has provided emergency housing to more than 22,000 people experiencing homelessness amid the pandemic. Examining its impact, including the wide variation across counties, can provide lessons for how California tackles homelessness over the long term. Read More
photo - I Voted Today Stickers and the US Flag Election Day and California’s Future In a year of unprecedented crises, Californians express a high level of enthusiasm about voting, and the state appears on course to set a modern-day record for voter turnout. Read More
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