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VoteButtons2016Election California Is Different The voters have spoken and the awkward result is a conflicting policy agenda for the state government and federal government. Read More
Vote Here Sign And American Flags Video: A High-Interest Election This is an unusual election year, as the findings from the September PPIC Statewide Survey show. Read More
California flag and ballot box Commentary: Coping with 17 State Ballot Propositions This fall, Californians will face the daunting task of determining the fate of 17 state propositions. Read More
California flag and ballot box Primary Takeaways The 2016 primary results point to several trends to watch in the November general election and beyond. Read More
photo - Hans in Cuffs Public Opinion and Sentencing Reform The January PPIC Statewide Survey shows a public opinion environment that may be favorable to the governor’s proposed sentencing reforms. Read More
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