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Photo - Police Cars at Night California’s Major Cities See Increases in Homicides and Car Thefts New crime data show that four major cities—Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco—have seen an increase in homicides and car thefts, though violent and property crimes overall remain below pre-pandemic levels. Read More
photo - Shasta County Jail Rising Jail Populations Mean Rising COVID-19 Infections Populations in California’s county jails are on the rebound, which could put people in jails and in surrounding communities at increased COVID-19 risk. Read More
photo - prison California’s Incarcerated Population Plunges to New Low during COVID-19 The number of people in California’s prisons and jails has declined substantially since February. Still, most state prisons remain overcrowded, and many counties have seen recent increases in jail populations. Read More
Photo - Police Cars at Night Progress under Prop 47 but Racial Disparities Persist in California Arrests A key voter-approved reform has decreased arrests disparities between African Americans and whites, but a significant and pervasive divide remains. Read More
photo - Man Listening during Counseling with Woman What COVID-19 Budget Cuts Mean for Public Safety Spending The sharp decline in state revenues means county sheriff and probation departments will have less funding to provide supervision and programming for certain individuals who are in jail or on probation. Read More
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