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June Primary

HandsVoteButtons Primary Takeaways: Democracy Is Alive and Well in California Highest turnout for a gubernatorial primary since 2000, surging independent voter participation, and diverse statewide candidates—democracy is alive and well in California. Read More
Close-up of voting ballot Funding Measures and the June Ballot In the June primary, Californians voted on a variety of measures ranging from parcel taxes to bridge tolls to cannabis taxes—and most of them passed. Read More
photo - Capitol Building, Sacramento, California A Preview of the California Governor’s Election California’s next governor will be either Gavin Newsom or John Cox—what draws voters to these candidates? Read More
California flag and ballot box Commentary: California’s Top-Two Primary, Explained The California governor’s race and all its key House races will feature a Democrat against a Republican in the fall campaign. What would normally be an unremarkable statement counts as breaking news for California. Read More
A stethoscope on a background made of $20 bills Single-Payer Health Care and the Governor’s Race The partisan divide over single-payer health care in California could play out in the race for governor, with leading Democratic candidates supporting and leading Republicans opposing. Read More
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