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Los Angeles

photo - Woman Wearing Mask and Waiting for a Job Interview Looking Ahead to California’s 2021 Labor Market With a surge in COVID-19 cases in recent months, employment in California has taken a hit. Given the continued challenges posed by the pandemic, what can we expect from the state’s labor market this year? Read More
photo - Inland, Southern California Tackling Regional Disparities in Economic Opportunity Economic opportunity varies across California, and COVID-19 could worsen these disparities. Public policies that aim to increase opportunity should seek to address differing conditions and needs across regions. Read More
photo - Elderly Man in Hotel Room What Lessons Can Be Learned from Project Roomkey? Project Roomkey has provided emergency housing to more than 22,000 people experiencing homelessness amid the pandemic. Examining its impact, including the wide variation across counties, can provide lessons for how California tackles homelessness over the long term. Read More
photo - Restaurant Staff Preparing To Go Orders and Wearing Masks How Does the Job Recovery Look around California This Fall? As California continues to slowly recover from the economic downturn—and confronts a recent increase in COVID-19 cases—job gains vary widely by metro area. Read More
photo - People Voting and Waiting in Line to Vote Voting Problems in March May Have Discouraged Some LA Voters The in-person voting backlogs in Los Angeles County’s March primary underscore the importance of steps taken in LA and elsewhere to ensure a smooth process at polling places in November. Read More
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