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Amsterdam, Netherlands - August 27 2017: Variety of cannabis related products in a display case of a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Commentary: Will California’s Pot Law Limit Illegal Marijuana Sales? Will the legalization of recreational marijuana change much in California? Read More
Man Harvesting Medical Marijuana New Water Rules for Marijuana Growers Cannabis growers will encounter new state requirements next year to address the crop’s impact on California’s creeks and streams. Read More
MarijuanaLeavesCloseUp Next Steps in Implementing California Marijuana Law Despite uncertainty at the federal level, California is making steady progress toward creating a system to regulate the legal use of marijuana. Read More
Harvesting Marijuana By Hand California’s Marijuana Majority How did a marijuana legalization initiative pass this year after a similar effort failed six years ago? The answers are found in both national and state trends. Read More
Several Pots Of Marijuana Growing What’s Next for Legalized Marijuana? Proposition 64 sets in motion a number of steps and procedures designed to create a regulated market for recreational marijuana. Read More
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