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natural disaster

photo - Loma Prieta 1989 Earthquake Damage Are Californians Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster? Although a solid majority of Californians are concerned about the impact of a natural disaster, less than one-third say they are very knowledgeable about how to prepare for one. Read More
photo - White House Video: Californians and Their Government PPIC’s latest statewide survey looks at the 2020 Democratic presidential primary in California as well as residents’ views on the general direction of the state, the performance of federal and state elected officials, and other timely issues. Read More
Night long exposure photograph of the Santa Clarita wildfire in CA. The Santa Clarita Valley mountains has drawn firefighters and emergency crews in the hills toward Acton. So far, the fire has burned 38,346 acres. How Climate Change Drives Disaster Cascades California has had a devastating series of natural disasters in recent years. We talked to Amir AghaKouchak of UC Irvine about how climate change amplifies natural hazards. Read More
photo - Wildfire Threatening Homes Could Wildfires Affect the 2020 Census? Among their many devastating long-term effects, disasters may elevate the risk of undercounting some communities in the upcoming census. Read More
photo - Hurricane Florence Hurricanes Are Getting Worse. California Should Take Note California is no stranger to extreme floods that rival hurricanes in terms of damages. These actions could help reduce risks. Read More
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