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partisan divide

Photo - Voters in masks Voter Registration Is Up Sharply, as Is Partisanship The share of Californians registered to vote has jumped since 2000, and registrants in the two major political parties have grown more polarized in their views. Read More
photo - Political Party Buttons Unfavorable Ratings for Political Parties Persist among Californians Less than half of Californians hold favorable views of the Democratic or Republican parties, and a majority say a third major party is needed. Read More
photo - School Building Exterior Do Californians Support the Proposed School Bond? Slightly more than half of likely voters approve of the school bond measure that will be on the March 2020 ballot, but support varies across regions. Read More
photo - Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Approval Ratings in a Hyper-Partisan Era Governor Newsom and President Trump both have had steady job approval ratings among Californians this year, but views are deeply divided along partisan lines. Read More
photo - Bagby Elementary School Californians Favor Funds for School Construction On prior PPIC Statewide Surveys, majorities of Californians across regions supported bonds for K-12 and higher education construction projects. Read More
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