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political reform

California flag and ballot box Commentary: California Leads in Voting Reform With the stroke of a pen, California is now at the vanguard of American voting reform. Read More
PollingPlaceSignwithTruck Electoral Reforms Face New Test California’s political reforms—redistricting and the top-two primary—were meant to shake up the status quo, and in 2012, they didn’t disappoint. Things are calmer in this year’s legislative and congressional races. Read More
photo - I Voted Sticker The Power of the Primary Voter Voters are starting to think seriously about whether or not to vote on June 3—in fact, many voters have received their vote-by-mail ballots already. And because of a recent change to California’s primary system, this decision about voting will be more important than ever. Read More
CAAssemblyRoom California’s Quietest Reform California has adopted a lot of high-profile political reforms recently, including a new way of drawing district lines and a radically open primary system. But there’s another reform that is transforming the state legislature without attracting nearly as much national attention. Read More
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