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photo - Mother Giving Daughter a Hug How the Expanded Child Tax Credit Reduces Child Poverty The recently enacted federal COVID-19 relief package includes a one-year expansion of the Child Tax Credit. This could cut child poverty in California by about one-third, with the estimated effect varying across regions. Read More
photo - Mom With Daughter Putting Groceries In Car Testimony: Access to Anti-Poverty Programs for Californians in Need In legislative testimony, PPIC’s Sarah Bohn discussed the economic effects of the current downturn and the role of safety net programs in addressing poverty and related challenges. Read More
photo - Mother Giving Daughter a Hug Californians’ Outlook Is Bleak as Low-Income Families Struggle Families with annual incomes of less than $40,000—about one in five California households—have been disproportionately affected by the current economic downturn, with the impact varying across regions. Read More
photo - Downtown Phoenix, Arizona at Dusk Ensuring Water Equity and Utility Solvency: Lessons from Phoenix Water utilities face a growing challenge: taking in enough money to maintain complex water systems while also providing safe, affordable water. We talked to Kathryn Sorensen of Phoenix Water Services about Phoenix’s equity innovations. Read More
photo - Lunch Bags in Cardboard Box Providing Meals for School Children as COVID-19 Persists The US Department of Agriculture recently announced that it would continue to waive certain restrictions on school meals for the rest of 2020. This extends a key support for many California children, regardless of whether they are in school or learning remotely. Read More
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