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photo - Doe Library and Campanile on UC Berkeley Campus 2020 Primary: Funding Higher Education Facilities A bond measure that will appear on the March 2020 statewide ballot would provide $15 billion to upgrade education buildings and facilities, including $6 billion for higher education. Read More
photo - Three Voters at Polling Booths Waning Confidence in the Electoral Process As California heads into an especially important election year, residents’ confidence in the state’s electoral system has declined substantially from prior years. Read More
photo - White House Video: Californians and Their Government PPIC’s latest statewide survey looks at the 2020 Democratic presidential primary in California as well as residents’ views on the general direction of the state, the performance of federal and state elected officials, and other timely issues. Read More
photo - PPIC Event 091719 Video: 2020 Election Preview At a recent PPIC event, an expert panel featuring the leaders California’s two major political parties discussed the potential impact of the state’s early primary in 2020 and other key issues in the coming year. Read More
Photo of Bixby Bridge Democrats View Environmental Policy as Critical in Upcoming Primary With California’s presidential primary a little more than six months away, climate change is emerging as a defining issue for voters in 2020. Read More
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