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public safety

photo - Shasta County Jail Rising Jail Populations Mean Rising COVID-19 Infections Populations in California’s county jails are on the rebound, which could put people in jails and in surrounding communities at increased COVID-19 risk. Read More
photo - Police Officer's Badge How Much Do California Cities Spend on Policing? On a per resident basis, cities’ spending on policing ranges from less than $100 to several thousand dollars, with the vast majority spending between $150 and $450. Read More
photo - Prison Corridor Video: Proposition 47 and Racial Disparities in California PPIC’s Brandon Martin presents new research on how Prop 47 has narrowed racial inequities in criminal justice outcomes—though much work remains. An expert panel discusses how to build on this and other reforms. Read More
photo - Man Listening during Counseling with Woman What COVID-19 Budget Cuts Mean for Public Safety Spending The sharp decline in state revenues means county sheriff and probation departments will have less funding to provide supervision and programming for certain individuals who are in jail or on probation. Read More
photo - Inmate's Hands on Cell Bars California’s Jail Population Has Plummeted during COVID-19 All counties have released more people from jail than they’ve admitted, but population decreases vary widely across counties. Read More
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