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race relations

photo - Young Woman Standing in the Middle of a Crowded Street Half of Asian Americans Say Race Relations Have Worsened Californians’ views of race relations vary across racial/ethnic groups, with Asian Americans the most likely to say that race relations in the US are worse than they were a year ago. Read More
photo - Police Officer Getting Out of Police Car After Pulling Over Driver Changing Views of Police and Race Relations Californians’ views on police treatment and race relations have shifted in the wake of nationwide protests over police brutality and systemic racism, but perspectives vary by race/ethnicity, political affiliation, region, and other factors. Read More
photo - California State Capital Video: Californians and Their Government PPIC’s Mark Baldassare and Rachel Lawler discuss a new statewide survey that examines Californians’ views on the coronavirus pandemic, state and federal leaders, and a range of other topics. Read More
photo - Large Group of Smiling People Video: How Californians View National Issues With the nation focused on a range of contentious issues, the September PPIC Statewide Survey provides a California perspective. Read More
Surveycheckmark Video: January PPIC Statewide Survey Briefing The January PPIC Statewide Survey was the focus of a briefing in Sacramento last week. Here’s the video. Read More
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