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photo - UCLA Students Walking on Campus What Are the Consequences of Limiting Nonresident Students at UC? The state legislature’s plan to limit nonresident enrollment at the University of California could mean more seats for resident students, but it also raises important financial considerations for the system. Read More
photo - Customer Paying for Meal in Restaurant California Is Inching toward a Jobs Recovery Job growth and wage gains, especially in the leisure and hospitality sector, show that some hard-hit California workers are benefitting from the current recovery. Read More
photo - Student Center at U.C. Riverside A New UC Tuition Policy Could Provide Predictability, but at a Cost The University of California Regents are considering a plan to combat tuition spikes and make tuition costs more predictable, though the proposal could affect affordability for some students and would increase state costs. Read More
photo - People working in cafe wearing face masks California Jobs and Labor Force Are Still Down but Recovering Employment is still well below pre-pandemic levels, though the number of jobs continues to increase. Despite the state’s rapid recovery so far, underemployed and discouraged workers remain a key concern. Read More
photo - Hepner Hall at San Diego State University Federal Stimulus Funds Bolstered California Colleges and Universities The state’s public higher education institutions and students are receiving more than $8 billion in funds across three federal relief packages. Read More
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