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term limits

photo - California State Capital Diversity in the California Statehouse White lawmakers account for a disproportionately large share of the legislature, while Latinos are underrepresented. But the legislature has gotten more diverse in recent years. Read More
"California state capitol building interior, State Assembly room." New Term Limits Add Stability to the State Legislature Proposition 28, passed by California voters in 2012, relaxed term limits and has provided some stability to both chambers of the state legislature. Read More
photo - California State Capital The 100th Anniversary of Women in the California Legislature It has been 100 years since the first women were elected to California's legislature, yet men still vastly outnumber women in the state government. Read More
CAAssemblyRoom California’s Quietest Reform California has adopted a lot of high-profile political reforms recently, including a new way of drawing district lines and a radically open primary system. But there’s another reform that is transforming the state legislature without attracting nearly as much national attention. Read More
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